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> Stewart's right in that this change can be effected by changing the grammar. 

Good, the grammar may just require braces in this case. This is a good enough

> You can get into all kinds of confusion by perversely indenting the source
> code, this particular one isn't special and so doesn't warrant special
> treatment.

>From what I have seen this particular indentation is a common enough bug, while
other indentations aren't a common enough source of bugs.

But you are right, there are other wrong kinds of indentations that may be
sources of bugs that will enjoy specific warnings (example: unexpected negative
indents warning).

> What I think would be of significant value is to create a D source code
> formatter that will properly indent the code based on the grammar. I'd love
> such a tool, and would use it (for example) as a filter on all D source code
> checkins.

The purpose of a modern IDE is to contain few hundred functionalities like this
one. Using a different tool for those functionalities is not practical nor is
what most modern programmers look for.

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