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** Update - 9th Nov 2010 ** 
I've just installed dmd 2.050 (using the one-click .deb package from dmd). 

The install went fine. However, when I type "dmd -v" at the terminal, this is
what I get - 

a...@obsidian:~$ dmd -v
binary    dmd
version   v2.050
config    dmd.conf
parse     import
Error: cannot read file ....@p/../../src/druntime/import.d

So it looks like the file import.d can't be found. (I did a search for it and
that failed to find it too). If someone can let me know which directory it
should be in, that would be good. 

When I try to compile a very simple D program, I get the same error - 

dmd -w -c "hello.d" (in directory: /home/andy/d_stuff)
Compilation failed.
Error: cannot read file ....@p/../../src/druntime/import.d

I hope this may be of some help.  At least the previous problem with the
object.d file seems to have gone (to be replaced with another problem,

I am **really keen** to get dmd installed on my PC, so I'll do all that I can
to help with getting this problem fixed.

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