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--- Comment #3 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2010-11-09 10:21:08 
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The object.member notation is generally irrelevant unless it's actually a
member function. str.count("ab") will be changed to count(str, "ab") and any
overload resolution will be taken care of that way. The fact that count() is a
template function in std.algorithm and not in std.string probably doesn't help
any either, given how you can't currently overload functions where one is a
template and one not (though they'd be in different overload sets in this

Regardless, using

alias std.string.count count;

should fix the problem, allowing you to use the string version without having
to write std.string.count(str, "ab"). Still, it would be better if std.string
and std.algorithm would avoid name clashes, since they're so likely to
conflict. At least some of the name clashes should be going away though as
functions are consolidated.

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