--- Comment #81 from 2010-11-14 18:06:05 PST ---
I obsoleted all the patches because they were outdated (too old dmd/Tango
versions). I don't think it's very efficient to make new patches and post them
here (I mean, there are already 21 obsoleted patches, and this issue has
probably the most comments on bugzilla, despite not much going on).

Please send me an email to request newer patches. These patches include:
* dmd patch for PointerMap output (backwards compatible to old Phobos etc.)
* Tango patch to include PointerMap in object.d, and to make use of them in
* additional dmd patch to make associative array scanning precise (changes ABI
to include more type info; again completely backwards compatible to Phobos)
* additional Tano patch to make associative array scanning precise (backwards

The obsoleted patches will only apply to old dmd versions, and what's worse,
only if you run unix2dos on all dmd source files beforehand. (The line endings
in the are inconsistent, and the dmd svn is unusable because releases
are not tagged properly.)

Btw. I didn't really appreciate Walter's 64 bit changes to the AA ABI. Really,
the ABI should pass all TypeInfos to the AA functions. If my patch is applied,
dmd supports roughly 3 AA ABIs, which is very silly.

If someone has a better idea how to keep track of the patches and so on (that
are better than flooding bugzilla or emailing me), please make a suggestions.

Last but not least:

[02:55:20] <wm4> AndreiAlexandres: also, I'm about to post new patches for
precise gc scanning (update to newer dmd versions) to issue 2463 on bugzilla;
is there some better way to participate on D/dmd development than to
continuously post patches to bugzilla that are going to be ignored
[02:57:07] * AndreiAlexandres has quit (Quit: AndreiAlexandres)

It could be a bad coincidence, or show how fabulously awesome the D development
model is.

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