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Extra note:

It's a problem of perception: typesafe variadic arguments don't look like
normal function arguments that you know are usually on the stack, they look
like dynamic arrays, and in D most dynamic arrays are allocated on the heap
(it's easy and useful to take a dynamic-array-slice of a stack allocated array,
but in this case the code shows that the slice doesn't contain heap data).

If your function has a signature similar to this one:

void foo(int[3] arr...) {

It's not too much hard to think that 'arr' is on the stack. But dynamic arrays
don't give that image:

void foo(int[] arr...) {

This is why I think it's better for the compiler to test if the arr data is on
the stack, and dup it otherwise (unless a 'scope' is present, in this case both
the test and allocation aren't present).

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