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--- Comment #5 from Walter Bright <> 2010-11-17 
01:08:25 PST ---
>That's unintuitive and error prone.

I presume you mean the version(none). Unusual, yes. Unintuitive? How so? It's
documented. Error prone? I don't see how - there's no way to set "none" as a
version identifier.

>Also you can't stick version anywhere.

It's not necessary to stick it anywhere. It works fine for large blocks of
code. For parts of an expression, /* */ works fine. It's hard to see an issue
about this.

>Obviously the design should be fixed.

I don't think it's obvious wrong at all. It follows a simple rule, which I
believe is better than having an arbitrarily complex rule with hard to remember
special cases. Furthermore, if you do make a mistake with the /+ +/ nesting,
you get an inevitable compiler error message.

And lastly, the current behavior has existed for 10 years and this is the first
anyone has complained about it. Changing it would arbitrarily break existing
code and hence annoy people for a rather dubious benefit.

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