--- Comment #4 from Bruno Medeiros <> 2010-11-18 
04:06:29 PST ---
A regression? Not exactly. 
When this bug was submitted, the lines marked with "// Error here" did not
compile, and that was the "bug" that was reported. At some point DMD was
changed so that the first, and later both code samples above compiled without
errors. (I don't know if it was because Walter tried to fix this "bug"
specifically, or if it was due to some other DMD changes).
So this "bug" became fixed, but as I found after seeing #2544, this "bug" is
actually invalid, and should not have been fixed in the first place.

( For curiosity, it would only be valid if immutable did not exist, or more
precisely, if T was the only subtype of const(T) )

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