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> TypeInfo has offTi property that returns OffsetTypeInfo[], which is exactly
> what you want - types and offsets of struct members.

That information is (and always has been) missing. offTi is always null. Maybe
Walter tried it and then thought it'd use too much memory.

> What problem do you have with struct layout? You can't sum address of struct
> and field offset to get address of field? Anyway, if reflection in D is awful,
> may be it's better to make it usable rather than burden the compiler with work
> that can be done by reflection but is not done yet?

Good luck with that. And I don't see any additional burden. It's already
burdened with "packing" the params on the stack. My proposal might actually
make it simpler for both compiler and user. Why burden the user with highly ABI
dependent struct or stack layouts? Is this assembler?

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