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--- Comment #4 from 2010-11-26 15:53:05 PST ---
Wouldn't that lead exactly to the same race condition prone crap C++ is doing
when it comes to initialization of static variables inside functions?

Just say no.

Immutable data (or de-facto immutable data only accessible through const) is
another story, though.

(In reply to comment #1)
> I would expect that this problem would be solved together with however being
> able to use Objects with CTFE and dynamic memory in general is solved. Since, 
> I
> believe that it's essentially the same problem that won't allow you to
> initialize a global variable which is a class type to anything other than 
> null.
> CTFE can't handle the heap yet. Once it can, AAs should work.

It's not that easy. The AA has to be allocated in the heap (to deal with later
write accesses to the AA). How can CTFE allocate heap memory at the program's
runtime? Obviously this doesn't work.

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