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2010-11-27 19:56:52 PST ---
(In reply to comment #13)
> After a too much long discussion Walter has said:
> >I admit it, I just like octal constants. I like the way they look. I don't 
> >feel
> an urge to kill it with fire. I'd be sad to see them go. I like disco music,
> too, despite it being definitely out of style.<
> So probably octal literals will not go away.

Not that I like octal literals, but they are still used by some.  I've
definitely seen things like 0775 etc. (even though or'd constants should be
used.)  Especially in quick scripts that rdmd was created for.

I think changing its syntax, just like D did with ~, makes a lot of sense. 
Removing it will probably only manage to annoy *someone*.

As for octal!"editor" - why not have imaginary!"1i + 2"?  In fact, why have
this 1_000 or 5L nonsense, those should be templates that take strings too.

Saying things are "editor problems" and not caring any further is exactly the
way to create a bad language.  People use editors and languages together, not
apart.  Creating a feature that's easy for the language developer but terrible
for the editor and therefore the end-user is, well, silly at best.

Just IMHO.


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