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> D should follow Python's lead in removing the archaic, subtle, and unintuitive
> format for octal literals. The obvious choices are of the form 0c45 and 0o45.
> The key argument used for the "0o" format is here:
> and basically argues that since in printf(), "%o" is used for octal, whereas
> "c" is used for char, "o" is the natural choice.

Haha, this printf argument is laughable. With printf %#x will prepend 0x prefix
to hex number, you can't do this for octal and binary numbers.
I think, 0o775 is ok (you can see it just here). He has a good point that it's
leading zero that signals "something nice is here" and size of o is enough to
figure out, what is this. 0c is just a syntactical hack in attempt to not use

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