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> We can revisit this and look into making it more efficient later, but for now 
> I
> just want to get it working.

It's about ease of use, not efficiency. The C ABI is indeed "disastrously
complex". Just look at the code here:

The user has to duplicate that code, if he wants to use TypeInfos to unpack the
arguments, instead of using compile time types (that va_start) would require.
Now think how that would look like on 64 bits.

If you're going to use the 64 C ABI for D variadics, you may as well completely
remove them from D1 and D2.

I don't understand what's so hard about just creating a void*[] on the stack,
whose items points to local variables containing the actual argument data. I've
done something similar before, when I changed the associative array ABI for by
precise GC scanning patch.

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