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--- Comment #4 from Steven Schveighoffer <> 2010-12-04 
22:46:00 PST ---
I agree that the proposed patch is not better.  But the original message is
invalid.  This is a bug that needs to be fixed, regardless of whether you like
the given proposals.

Point in fact, in *can* work on types besides associative arrays.

I tried this:

struct S {}

void main()
   S s;
   auto t = s + s;

And got:

Error: incompatible types for ((s) + (s)): 'S' and 'S'

So extrapolating to in, the error should look like:

Error: incompatible types for ((3) in (Group(1, 2))): 'int' and 'Group'

Although, I'm unsure why there are so many parentheses...

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