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--- Comment #1 from 2010-12-06 02:05:55 PST ---
That's somewhat excpected. The mark() function is the core of the garbage
collector, where it basically follows all references in the program's heap.

void[] arrays can potentially contain references, so the GC has to mark() these
as well. (Why are you using void[]? 10 dollars on you have no real reason.)
What makes things worse: each time there's a pointer into a large memory block,
the GC has to do a linear scan to find the beginning of the memory block. And
you are alocating LARGE blocks (32k pages!), so that might become significant.

I think what's happening is that your heap is exploding due to false pointers.
The memory allocations are so large that there's always something that looks
like a pointer pointing into it, so it never gets free'd. A larger heap means
higher collection times.

So, this is probably not a bug.

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