--- Comment #4 from Brad Roberts <> 2010-12-06 18:38:25 PST 
Try "gcc -v trivial.c -m32 -o trivial" to see which linker is being invoked in
the working 32 bit case.

Also try "gcc -v trivial.c -o trivial -m32" to closer match the way dmd is
invoking gcc.  Which linker is being invoked now?

I just tried those experiments on my box, and both forms correctly built 32 bit

Another thing to do to try to gather more information, on the dmd command line,
add: -L-v.  That should be enough to show that collect2 is being invoked with
-m elf_i386.  For even more details, try running dmd with: -L-v -L-Wl,-v.  That
will add another -v down at the ld command which will give even more output,
showing that ld is being invoked with -m elf_i386 as well.

I assure you that dmd produces proper 32 bit executables on my linux x86_64
box.  So, the exercise here is to figure out what's different, why, and how to
resolve it.

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