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> PS: scope doesn't work on arrays. Your example code never explicitly free's 
> the

That explains everything... but then, how do we delete arrays?

> void[] arrays can potentially contain references, so the GC has to mark() 
> these
as well.

I had NO IDEA that was the case!! (see below)

> (Why are you using void[]? 10 dollars on you have no real reason.)

I actually did have a reason, but I was misunderstanding the situation. I used
void[]'s in places where I did not want ubyte[]s to be interpreted as numbers,
so that they would not be dereferenceable. (To me, a void[] could contain
binary *data*, whereas a ubyte[] logically means that it contains numbers --
and while it's OK to reference a number in a list, it's *not* OK to me to just
randomly reference an arbitrary block of data, which might contain code inside
a buffer.)
Of course, I wasn't understanding their meaning correctly, so I won't do that
anymore; thank you very much for the explanation!!

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