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--- Comment #2 from Iain Buclaw <> 2010-12-30 09:40:34 PST ---
This should really be set to true for all glibc systems.

However, the current implementation is buggy:

timespec    st_atim;
timespec    st_mtim;
timespec    st_ctim;
alias st_atim.tv_sec st_atime;
alias st_mtim.tv_sec st_mtime;
alias st_ctim.tv_sec st_ctime;

The three aliases aren't actually usable, because:

Error: struct core.sys.posix.sys.stat.stat_t 'tv_sec' is not a member
Error: struct core.sys.posix.sys.stat.stat_t member tv_sec is not accessible
Error: this for tv_sec needs to be type timespec not type stat_t


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