Sean Eskapp <> wrote:

This is either a compiler bug, or outdated language documentation, but I'm
having some freedom with @safe functions:

    * No casting from a pointer type to any type other than void*.
    * No modification of pointer values.
    * No taking the address of a local variable or function parameter.

I've attached code which does all three of these things, which compiles and runs.

Inline assembler was an error, as well as casting from integer to a pointer
type, but I didn't test anything else.

I'm using dmd2.exe as my compiler.

Safe-D is currently not implemented, at least in whole. Other issues
also have higher priority.

Also, this group is for automated messages from BugZilla. Please either
post these things as bugs[1] or in the digitalmars.D.learn of digitalmars.D


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