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This is actually one which I'd really like to see done at some point. The fact
that you have to use dmc to build your C/C++ code is a huge blocker for D on
Windows for anyone who works in an environment which is primarily using
Microsoft or Intel's compiler. It would not be possible for me to use dmc for
C++ where I work, which makes using D there much harder, even if I were to end
up with a project where I would have a chance of choosing to use it in D.

There was a discussion about this on the D list a while back, and it was
suggested that dmd at least be altered such that you could have a plugin
architecture of some kind to swap out linkers. That way, even though dmd would
still use dmc/optlink normally, someone other than Walter could then write and
maintain a plugin which used Microsoft's compiler. So, we could potentially get
support for other linkers without requiring Walter to deal with it.

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