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--- Comment #2 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-01-10 19:09:22 
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I would expect @pure and @nothrow to be going away. It was decided to go with
pure and nothrow rather than @pure and @nothrow, so I don't see why the @
versions would be sticking around. We ended up with both, because it was
debated as to what should use @ and what should be a keyword.

@safe, @trusted, and @system are all valid, as is @property. However, I can't
think of any others at the moment which are actually currently supposed to have
@ on the front.

And as for @ being a token, I'm not sure that it _is_ a token. I'd have to look
at the lexer code to verify one way or another. Given the way that @ is used, I
think that there's a decent chance that @safe, @trusted, @system, and @property
are all considered tokens and @ isn't. I would like it to be though, since it
would be necessary if we're ever going to get user-defined attributes.

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