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Two more ideas:

4) If this code is meant as correct (the two Foos have the same x but different
y), they you may add this example to the std_container.html page.

import std.container: RedBlackTree;
struct Foo {
    int x, y;
void main() {
    auto t = RedBlackTree!(Foo, "a.x < b.x")(Foo(1,1));
    assert(Foo(1,2) in t);

In practice this looks like a tree map instead of a tree set.


5) Built-in AAs can't work with approximate items (like floating point numbers)
but a search tree is usable to create such set. So I suggest to add to the
std.collections module a free templated function approxInsert(), its arguments
are a tree, an item, and an approximate equality predicate.

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