--- Comment #1 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-01-14 13:29:46 
PST ---
Actually, it looks like I screwed up in my testing. Wine probably has the
problem too.

When building and running the tests on Linux and Windows, I built and ran
(well, tried to run on Windows) the entirety of Phobos. However, since I have
yet to be able to figure out how to compile druntime with Wine, I compiled and
ran only core.time and std.datetime when testing Wine. So, I just tried doing
that for all three.

On Windows and Wine, dmd uses about 370MB, but does not run out of memory when
just compiling core.time and std.datetime. On Linux, it uses about 270MB (so,
evidentally, I did a poor job reading the memory consumption on Linux before).
So, there's a definite increase on both Windows and Wine, but neither runs out
of memory when just compiling core.time and std.datetime. Windows definitely
runs out when compiling all of Phobos with std.datetime's unit tests enabled,
but it doesn't if it's just core.time and std.datetime. Linux does fine with
all of Phobos, but my guess is that Wine does just as poorly as Windows if you
compile all of Phobos' unit tests (though I haven't been able to test it).

So, it doesn't look like it's Windows vs Wine problem at all, but it's still a
Windows vs Linux problem.

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