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(In reply to comment #12)
> There are good arguments for going either way wrt the relative priority of
> toString and range interface.
> Using toString by default is in a way the "right" thing to do as it's the
> default formatting for all non-range objects. For class objects, I oppose
> distinguishing between introduced toString and inherited toString; that goes
> against what inheritance is about.

Actually, my point is not about which of toString or range format should have
precedence. Rather that a programmer does defines toString in purpose: for it
to be used by builtin routines like write* functions. Ignoring it is not
acceptable. Moreover, there is no reason that a _default_ format fits specific

About toString issues such as memory usage, I do agree. They are planned to be
solved with writeTo. Then, writeTo defined by the programmer should be used for
any kind of object output, just like currently toString should be used when

Finally, as explained above, letting range default format shortcut custom
toString does not permit outputting any range which ElementType is itself.
(infinite loop bug)


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