--- Comment #15 from Don <> 2011-01-31 01:08:57 PST ---
The DMD test suite chokes on:
&lang; == 9001 (== U+2329), in the new list it is U+27E8.

This really scared me, because I found a few web references that listed &lang;
as U+2329.

Turns out that U+2329 and U+27E8 are visually almost identical.

I found this helpful note in

lang: 'mathematical left angle bracket' is NOT the same character as U+003C
'less than', or U+2039 'single left-pointing angle quotation mark', or U+2329
'left-pointing angle bracket', or U+3008 'left angle bracket'.

I finally found what has happened: U+27E8 was added in unicode 3.2.0
In the book "unicode explained", p423, it says that U+27E8 is poorly supported
(because it was a recent addition to unicode) and that U+2329 is a more
practical choice. But, U+2329 is canonically equivalent to U+3008, and is
intended for chinese-japanese-korean ideographs, and it can look wrong if it
goes through a normalization process.

That book was published in 2006. Can we assume that unicode support is
widespread enough now that we should change to the more correct value?

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