--- Comment #5 from Don <> 2011-02-16 14:23:24 PST ---
Another reduction, uses test1.d and test2.d from the previous comment. It's
clear that IFTI is not required. The issue is instantiating a tuple with an
overload set. If you change the baz(F...) to baz(F) you get:
test0.d(7): Error: template instance baz!(__anonymous) does not match template
declaration baz(F)
which shows that the overload set really doesn't have an identifier.
Also, you can replace the (F...) with (alias F), and still get the segfault. So
it is not a problem with tuples; it's a problem with overload sets of


import test1, test2;

void foo(A)() {}

template baz(F...)
    enum int baz = 1;

static assert(baz!bar == baz!foo);

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