--- Comment #4 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-02-18 11:41:24 
PST ---
Well, looking at the man page for tzset... tzset, tzname, timezone, and
daylight are all standard posix. So, I don't know why daylight wouldn't be on
some of the BSDs. Of course, clock_gettime is also standard posix and Mac OS X
doesn't have it, so I don't know how much you can really rely on posix stuff
being on posix systems.

As for core.stdc.time, you're right. That's the wrong place to put it. It's
posix, not standard C. It should be in the appropriate posix module. But tzset,
tzname, timezone, and daylight should all be defined if they're on the OS. And
since they're all posix, you would _think_ that they'd be on all Posix systems,
but I guess that we can't declare daylight on FreeBSD. Bleh. What good is Posix
if it isn't followed?

In any case, once they're in druntime, I can remove them from std.datetime, and
I'm obviously going to have to see what I do with daylight in there to make
sure that it's not going to be broken on FreeBSD.

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