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> Yes, I know, that one has been top of the list for more than a year. But it's
> hard! Really hard!

You will cope with it!

> For reference, this is my current list of top ten bugs:
> 4854 Regression(2.047, Mac 10.5 only) writefln Segmentation fault if no 
> globals
> 3516 Destructor not called on temporaries
> 314 [module] Static, renamed, and selective imports are always public
> 4714 Cannot return ref this when struct has invariant
> = 3273 Regression(2.031) struct invariant + dtor fails to compile (no line
> number)
> = 1251 Final template class w/ constructor and invariant causes compile error
> = 3973 out contracts fail with ref return types
> 4269 Regression(2.031) invalid type accepted if evaluated while errors are
> gagged
> [design issue] Signature of opEquals
> *All* of these are very difficult bugs. I have spent a lot of time on each one
> of them.
> Then comes a pile of wrong-code bugs, starting with:
> 1350 delegate literal inside tuple; wrong values
> The reason for the focus on wrong-code and ICE bugs, is that they often
> indicate fundamental problems with the compiler. In particular, I have zero
> tolerance for back-end bugs.

I understand. One fundamental problem fixed is better than a million of hacks
stacked on a broken foundation. Thanks for the work you are doing.

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