--- Comment #4 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-03-03 14:47:19 
PST ---
And since when is a range created by opApply? It's not a range until it's a
type with the appropriate functions on it. Sure, you could feed a struct with
opApply to std.array.array and get an array, which is then a range. But
something that uses opApply is _not_ a range.

opApply is designed specifically for use with foreach. It is not a range and is
similar to a range only in that it is related to iterating over a list of
items. If you want to treat something with opApply as a range, then make it a
range or wrap it in one. It's going to rightfully fail for isInputRange,
isForwardRange, etc. It is _not_ a range and should not be treated as one.

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