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--- Comment #2 from Don <> 2011-03-11 04:58:38 PST ---
Like bug 5717, this was caused by the fix to bug 4389 (char[]~dchar and
wchar[]~dchar *never* worked).
The problem is in constfold.c, Cat(). 

It erroneously assumes that all concatenation is equivalent to string ~ dchar.
But this isn't true for char[]~char, wchar[]~wchar, (this happens during
constant-folding optimization, which is how it manifests in the test case). In
such cases the dchar encoding should not occur - it should just give an
encoding length of 1, and do a simple memcpy.

It applies to everything of the form (e2->op == TOKint64) in that function.

(1)        size_t len = es1->len + utf_codeLength(sz, v);
        s = mem.malloc((len + 1) * sz);
        memcpy(s, es1->string, es1->len * sz);
(2)        utf_encode(sz, (unsigned char *)s + , v);

Lines (1) and (2) are valid for hetero concatenation, but when both types are
the same the lines should be:

(1)     size_t len = es1->len + 1;

(2)     memcpy((unsigned char *)s + (sz * es1->len), &v, sz);

This should definitely be factored out into a helper function -- it's far too
repetitive already.

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