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01:04:49 PDT ---
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> > Naked is an internal characteristic of a function, not an external one. It
> > simply does not belong in the declaration, despite the existence of poorly
> > designed extensions in other languages.
> > 
> But it is still a function characteristic

Internal only. It is not externally visible and simply does not logically
belong in the description of the external interface.

> and it definitely doesn't belong in
> the assembly block, so I think "poorly designed" applies to D as well.

Naked only makes sense if you have inline assembly, so physically associating
it with that makes sense. There is no obvious syntax for it, but putting it in
the function's external interface is just wrong.

> > Think of it this way - is it a good design to have to change your header 
> > files
> > if you change your implementation?
> You do not need to change header files with MSVC because the attribute is
> permitted only in the function definition.

Sorry, but major yuk to that :-)

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