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--- Comment #2 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-03-23 15:55:57 
PDT ---
cent and ucent _should_ be kept around. They're _supposed_ to be unused
keywords at this point. The idea is that if/when we need to add 128 bit
integers to the language, we already have keywords for them. That way, we'll be
able to add them without breaking code.

macro should likely be kept in case we actually do something with AST macros
(or some other macro-like mechanism) in a future version of the language.

We may or may not care about keeping typedef once the construct that it's
currently used has been removed. We could probably remove it. The same goes for

body... Well, I tend to agree that one is totally unnecessary. It probably
simplifies the parsing a bit, but unless it's needed to keep the grammar
context-free (which it might be, depending on what the exact grammar is for in,
out, and body blocks - though I doubt it), it should be able to be removed.
However, since it's in the language and its use hasn't changed at all over time
(as far as I know), Waler at least thought that we should have it, and unless
something about the situation or his opinion has changed in the interim, I
doubt that he'll want to get rid of it.

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