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--- Comment #1 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-03-30 14:54:18 
PDT ---
I'll take a look at the StopWatch and benchmark comments and fix them if
necessary. Most of that was written by SHOO (with a few tweaks by me -
particularly when I renamed Ticks to TickDuration), and his English isn't
always the best (it isn't his native language after all), so there could be
some errors in there due to that or me or him just missing an error in the

So, if you're aware of any obvious documentation mistakes in std.datetime, just
add them here, and I'll take care of them. I'm currently overhauling
std.datetime's unit tests though, so any fixes like that are likely to get done
as part of that and so won't be done all that quickly (otherwise there's likely
to be merge conflicts, which I don't want to deal with). Documentation fixes
shouldn't be that critical though (important perhaps, but not critical).
They'll definitely be fixed before the next release though.

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