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> x86_64 (i.e. 64 bit code) is not currently supported by DMD on Windows.
> Changing to x86.

Sorry, I did mean x86.

(In reply to comment #2)
> > extern(C) BOOL PathRemoveFileSpecA(LPTSTR);
> You are probably using the wrong calling convention here, it should be
> "extern(Windows)", which corresponds to __stdcall in while "extern(C)" is
> __cdecl in the SDK C++ headers.

As far as I can tell, the calling convention is C. According to MSDN, the
header is "BOOL PathRemoveFileSpec(__inout  LPTSTR pszPath)". As a comparison,
GetCurrentDirectory (which uses extern(Windows)) is "DWORD WINAPI
GetCurrentDirectory(__in   DWORD nBufferLength, __out  LPTSTR lpBuffer)". When
using extern(Windows), it fails to compile due to an undefined symbol error.

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