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A patch to fix the issue

What was happening was:

1. Factory.create(123) is desugared into CommaExp: (Factory,
   This is done in CallExp::semantic when the method is static template method.
   I'm not at all sure but is this for keeping side-effects for some cases?

2. In e2ir.c TypeExp::toElem emits the compilation error; it tries to compile
   lhs and rhs into IR, but TypeExp cannot be compiled to IR.

The patch modifies the first point. If the expression is "TYPE . SOMETHING",
the CommaExp insertion is disabled.

FYI, the problematic error is issued only inside ThrowStatement, because
in ThrowStatement::semantic, exp->optimize() is not called.
In, e.g., ReturnStatement::semantic optimizes away the TypeExp before toIR
convertion, so it won't cause any problem. (I don't know the reason why.)

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