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PDT ---
I certainly won't say that we aren't going to worry about having druntime or
Phobos work with Windows 98, but there were a _lot_ of system functions added
to Windows with Win2k, and it would be incredibly constraining to have to make
it so that everything worked with Windows 98. std.datetime definitely won't,
and it can't. And realistically, very few people are using anything prior to
Windows XP at this point, let alone something as old as Windows 98, so it's not
necessarily realistic to expect that everything work with Windows 98.

Now, something as basic as the command line arguments not working is at least
worth looking into. However, I'd strongly argue against making it work if it
resulted in worse code than what we have now, thereby restricting code on
current operating systems just to maintain compatability with an ancient one.
So, I'd say whether this is worth fixing strongly depends on what is required
to fix the problem and what impact it has on anything built on a more modern
OS. However, it is true that we don't want to close such doors if we can
reasonably avoid it.

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