--- Comment #2 from Nick Sabalausky <> 2011-05-11 
23:07:55 PDT ---
I guess maybe it was supposed to be gone, but in that case there may have been
an issue with Walter's release-packaging script because it *is* there in both
"" and "".

Ie, if you grab these:

Inside both of those is "/src/phobos/std/iterator.d" (and it's not an empty

Even though I've been using 2.052 for over a month, I had some code that was
using the "ElementType" from std.iterator and I didn't even realize it until I
tried the 2.053 beta which finally did get rid of std.iterator.

So it may be good to at least make mention of this in the changelog. Maybe also
a note to "Use either std.range.ElementType or std.range.ElementEncodingType
depending on what you're trying to do."

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