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--- Comment #3 from Jakob Bornecrantz <> 2011-05-15 
19:15:09 PDT ---
Ugh sorry for wasting your time. This is mostly my fault, it turns out that dmd
1.064 added "-L--export-dynamic" to DFLAGS.

Say a library Bar have a function called barFunc, now my bindings to the C
libraries looked something like this:

extern (C) void (*barFunc)();

Which I then loaded with a library loader functions for that platform.

Now lets say library Foo is linked in and it uses function barFunc. The binding
function in my program gets the symbol name _barFunc since its declared with
extern(C). This worked in the past as none of those functions where exported by
default, but when DMD 1.064 added "-L--export-dynamic" those pointers got
exported. And they get resolved before any of the other normal functions
causing the callee from Foo to jump to the pointer instead of the real

Either I just remove the "-L--export-dynamic" from dmd.conf or change the
bindings to be this instead:

typedef extern (C) void function() pfn_BARFUNC;

pfn_BARFUNC barFunc;

Now barFunc gets a prober D symbol and things works again.

Cheers Jakob.

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