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--- Comment #2 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-05-16 08:37:43 
PDT ---
The way that ddoc generates links needs to be completely rewritten. It needs to
be hierarchal, but it's not at all. It acts like it's just linking in a set of
free functions, and I believe that it links in the first symbol with a
particular name, so if you have multiple documented symbols with the same name,
then it's always the first one which gets linked in, regardless of whether
that's the one which would be most usefully linked. I do think that having
EditOp.remove linked is of value. But the links should be arranged in such a
way that their hierarchy is clear, which would mean that the link would clearly
be associated with EditOp and that the remove function would have its own link.
I believe that this is really a fundamental ddoc problem and not a website
problem at all. And I think that the table tha std.algorithm has now is as
close to a fix as you're going to get any time soon.

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