--- Comment #6 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-05-16 10:52:51 
PDT ---
They do need unique anchor names, but those anchor names should probably
include the hiercharchy in some manner rather than simply having numbers tagged
onto them - e.g. #EditOp__remove and #remove. The core problem is that ddoc
doesn't care about anything other than the base identifier name. It makes no
attempt to worry about the hiercharchy or about duplicate names. And honestly,
it shouldn't have to worry about duplicate names, because duplicate names are
illegal in the actual code. The duplication occurs because it's effectively
treating all of the identifiers as if they were at module-level.

Regardless, unique anchor names will be necessary. But I don't think that
simply tacking on numbers is the right way to go about it. The fundamental
problem needs to be solved. If you want to see a really bad example of the
problem, looke at std.datetime. Several structs in there have the same function
name, and the links become pretty useless.

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