--- Comment #8 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-05-16 11:11:48 
PDT ---
I don't think that we should be linking to every function overload, so the
function signature isn't really the issue. It's the hierarchy. So, that needs
to end up in the link somehow. So, for instance, if you took the year property
that Date, DateTime, and SysTime have in std.datetime, you'd need something
like #Date__year, #DateTime__year, and #SysTime__year. It would have to
understand the hierarchy and concatenate the pieces of the hiearchy in some
manner. __ makes some sense since it's unlikely to ever be the case that you'll
end up with underscores at the beginning and/or end of identifiers such that
the resulting anchor would conflict with the anchor of an identifier, but
exactly what would be picked isn't necessarily all that important. It just
needs to be unlikely to result in anchor names which conflict with other anchor

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