--- Comment #7 from Vladimir Panteleev <> 2011-05-17 
13:02:52 PDT ---

A while ago Microsoft updated the "minimum supported Windows version" fields in
MSDN to only go back as far as Windows 2000. Thus, do not rely on that
information being correct. For example, look at the documentation for
GetMessage, the cornerstone function of Windows GUI applications - MSDN will
also claim that the "Minimum supported client" is "Windows 2000 Professional".

I believe the reason for that is simply that earlier Windows versions are
completely unsupported by Microsoft.

> and I suspect that the module won't compile on a Windows version older than 
> that.

That's not how linking to libraries works on Windows. It doesn't matter which
Windows version you compile on, since system DLLs are not accessed during
compilation or linking - only the import libraries are. Attempting to run the
executable for which the OS can't resolve all dependencies will result in an
error message.

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