--- Comment #31 from Vladimir Panteleev <> 2011-05-19 
15:39:29 PDT ---
Actually, I should add that the problem might not be with DMD's -lib option.
While it certainly is a completely different method of generating phobos.lib, I
should note that:
1) The 5K-ish blocks of zeroes are not present in phobos.lib (although we do
see a size increase in the chart I attached earlier)
2) UniLink will happily link D's .obj files + phobos.lib and create an
executable without these blocks of zeroes (and much smaller size).

Thus, the problem could very well be in OPTLINK.

So, here's your workaround for the time being: use UniLink.
Someone posted the config on the NG, I'll repost it here for convenience


Adjust paths as necessary.

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