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--- Comment #1 from 2011-05-22 14:55:05 PDT ---
The 1st symbol cannot be demangled because 'Z' is not a valid type. It could be
demangled if that 'Z' is valid, e.g. replacing it with 'i':

    -> int serenity.persister.Sqlite.__array

The same goes for vtbl (e.g. _D10TypeInfo_C6__vtblZ), module info (e.g.
_D2rt3aaA12__ModuleInfoZ), etc.

The 2nd symbol cannot be demangled probably because pull #15 is not completely
merged (because my local copy of druntime is able to demangle that) due to
64-bit issue.

    void serenity.persister.Sqlite.__unittest6().Test

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