Summary: Not true for Java about Function Hijacking.
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--- Comment #0 from Matthew Ong <> 2011-05-23 02:45:48 PDT ---
Hi Digitalmars/Walter Bright,

This talk covers function hijacking, where adding innocent and reasonable
declarations in a module can wreak arbitrary havoc on an application program in
C++(maybe true) and Java(not true).

Since I have not done C++ for a long while, I am not going to comment about
that. But Java I have to place this request for correction from DigitalMars.

javac(from sun) Compiler will complain if there is an ambiguous to link any
indentifier that has the same signature for contructor,

Overload Sets
Java denys global functions. All functions/methods are within a single class.
Within the same class, the overloaded methods cannot have the same signature.

public class MyClass{

public int myVal(){

public String myVal(){ // compiler will complain here as error and NOT warning.

Both the method identifier and zero param list makes a identical signature.

Derived Class Member Function Hijacking
IDE like Netbeans and does flag:

public void myMethodA(){ // Say you did not use the override tag

Base Class Member Function Hijacking
to prevent the child class from stealing your implementation for this single
method, do:

public final void myMethodA(){ // final == sealed in C#

That is shown clearly when you tries to import both this 2 classes within Java:
import java.util.Date;
import java.sql.Date;

public class MyTest{
    public static void main(String[] args){
         Date now=new Date(); // thinking that you are using java.util.Date;

Again, as a senior Java Developer since java jdk 1.1 I agrees D as a good
replacement for C++ because of modern design and approaches.

Kindly correct that to avoid confusing the new Java to D developer.

There are also other run time intelligent build into JVM to avoid malicious
hacker attack on such thing using class proxy & stub.

Matthew Ong

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