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> (In reply to comment #1)
> > In the current stage, allowing only 'pure' function inside an 'assert' is
> > impractical, e.g. you can't use std.algorithm.equal.
> Can't equal be pure when not using a closure? I would think having side 
> effects
> in asserts is always bad. If it's difficult to implement, at least the
> documentation should be changed.

Since 'pure' is transitive, if 'equal' needs to be pure, all range primitives
(.front, .popFront, .empty) it depends on needs to be pure as well, as then the
requirement propagates to all other ranges (map, filter, iota, zip, ...). This
is a very huge change. 

This proposal is practical only when there is a working 'auto pure'
implementation, which I don't think will be included in D2 as the syntax is
pretty much frozen.

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