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--- Comment #1 from 2011-06-04 11:45:40 PDT ---
The bug is that, DMD only recognizes the "a template declares exactly one
member, and that member is a function with the same name as the template" (is
there are short-form for that?) during semantic(), but the template isn't
instantiated, so its members won't be semantic()-ed. Therefore, does not know
that 'foo' is a "magic one-member template", and emits the ddoc comment as if
it's a regular template.

A related bug is when there are nested templated aggregates, the inner levels
won't be shown in DDoc.

/// alpha
struct Bug4107b(T) {
    /// beta
    public struct B(U) {
        /// gamma
        public struct C(V) {
            /// delta
            public struct D(W) {

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