--- Comment #11 from Robert Clipsham <> 2011-06-05 
21:50:05 BST ---
I may have found what dsymutil is choking on, I can't be sure though -
following the steps taken by gcc, then removing the object file it creates
before running dsymutil causes dsymutil to complain that <object file> does not
exist. Curious, I inspected the binary with a hex editor, and it appears ld
left some information in there that dsymutil requires, a list of object files.
It seems ld doesn't do this for dmd, so I suspect there's something else we're
not outputting that's required, or some flag we need to pass to ld. I blame ld,
as there is no mention of the object file(s) in themselves before linking. I'll
hunt a bit further, I'm not sure how much I can do without more knowledge of
what's going on.

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