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PDT ---
Doesn't hurt my feelings any. I've been working on std.string lately, and I was
wondering what to do with all of those weird overloads for isNumeric. I
honestly don't understand why they're their in the first place - not to mention
that std.string is for processing _strings_, and those overloads are doing
other weird things. Not to mention, isNumeric is under its own license! Given
what it says, I _think_ that we can just remove that license (it claims Public
Domain / Contributed to Digital Mars), but I don't know. And honestly, do we
actually need isNumeric at all? It's from 2005, so it was clearly written for
D1 when we didn't have std.algorithm.

This is actually a perfect use case for an all function.


Since we don't yet _have_ proper all or any functions (unless they were added,
and I didn't notice), we can do

!canFind((dchar a){return !isdigit(a);})(str);

isNumeric isn't really needed at all IMHO. But regardless, I see no reason keep
the non-string versions of isNumeric around.

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