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--- Comment #2 from yebblies <> 2011-06-06 21:04:57 PDT ---
The reason the second method works is because of issue 3797.

The fact that &ClassType.nonstaticmethod returns an invalid function pointer is
definitely a bug.

But what should it do?
I see the following options:
 1. Disallow it completely - you can still get the address from a delegate's
function pointer
 2. Make it return void*
 3. Make it return a callable function pointer that matches the abi for member
function calls.

I'm not sure what sensible use cases there are for getting the address of a
member function, but 1 seems the most reasonable.

The original bug report asks for 3, but that does not seem particularly useful.
 auto funcptr = &Class.func;
 auto instance = new Class();

 auto instance = new Class();

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