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--- Comment #3 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2011-06-19 12:16:52 
PDT ---
Not to be rude, but I'm changing it back to a bug. If TDPL says something, and
the compiler or online documentation doesn't agree, then it's a bug until
Walter decides that we're not following what TDPL says. The rule is essentially
that TDPL is always right unless Walter decides otherwise. It doesn't matter
what the online docs say except that if they contradict TDPL, then they're also
wrong until Walter decides that what TDPL says shouldn't be correct. So if
anything, at the moment, it's a bug in the spec in addition to the bug in the
compiler, not an enhancement. And remember that this _does_ currently work with
variables of type int. So, the spec doesn't match what the compiler is
currently doing anyway.

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